Security Lighting

Security Lighting

Available upon application to all Customers for outdoor lighting service at any point on or near the Cooperative’s lines where existing facilities have adequate capacity and suitable voltage.

Type of Service
Single-Phase service at the Cooperative’s standard secondary distribution voltages.

Monthly Rate
Each billing period the Member shall be obligated to pay the following charges:

Unmetered Monthly Rate

Unmetered KWh per Month Power Supply Distribution Total
175 Watt Mercury Vapor 70 $3.81 $5.94 $9.75
100 Watt HPS 50 $3.81 $5.94 $9.75
400 Watt Mercury Vapor 160 $8.71 $6.54 $15.25
250 Watt HPS 125 $8.71 $6.54 $15.25
1000 Watt Mercury Vapor 400 $21.77 $13.23 $35.00
400 Watt HPS 200 $21.77 $13.23 $35.00

Billing Adjustments:
These rates are subject to all applicable billing adjustments.

Conditions of Service:
Unmetered automatically controlled overhead lighting service operating from dusk to dawn. The Cooperative will install, own, operate, and maintain such lighting. Lights will be mounted on an existing service. Pole or poles and such service will be limited to 120-volt service.

In the event a member desires a light to be installed on a pole that will require the Cooperative to install an additional pole or poles and service wire, the member will be required to pay in advance as aid-to-construction the actual cost of all construction. No part of the extension will be borne by NPEC. A one-and-one half kVA transformer will be installed if required, at no additional cost.

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