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Tailwater Pumps & Sprinklers Rate classes: 01-Single Phase Sprinklers  02-Three Phase Sprinklers, 03-Single Phase Tailwater Pumps, 04-Three Phase Tailwater Pumps
Irrigation Rate classes: 05-Large Irrigation,  06-Single Phase Small Irrigation, 07-Three Phase Small Irrigation
Three Phase General Service Rate classes: 08-Three Phase Commercial, Farm & Home, All Electric, Water Wells; 09-Three Phase Grain Bins
Single Phase General Service Rate classes: 09G-Single Phase Grain bins, 11B-Barn, 14-Fence Chargers, 17-Water Wells, 13-Single Phase Small Commercial
Single Phase Residential Service Rate classes: 11-Farm & Home, 12 All Electric, and 17R-Residential Water Wells
Large Power Rate class: 15-Large Power
Oil Well Pumping Rate class: 16-Oil Well Pumping
Security Lighting 175 , 400, and 1000 Watt lights

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